City Streets

The city streets department is tasked with overseeing the maintenance of city streets, both street and stop signs, mosquito control, curbs and drainage, tree trimming along right-of-ways, easements and city lots within the city limits. These responsibilities are done with great pride to keep our city clean and beautiful.


The street department also provides services, requested by a citizen through a service order, to notify the proper utility company about concerns for street light repairs and low hanging cable or power lines.

Any concerns about a street light please contact City Hall at (361) 368-2831 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

When reporting a street light we will need:

  • Intersection of corner lights
  • The street name on both sides of the street
  • The six (6) digit pole number stamped on the pole
Alleys, Easements & City Lots

As the city no longer services the alleys by picking up resident’s brµsh/junk/debris we do, how the alleys, easements, and city lots by mowing them as needed.