Brush and Bulk Collection

Special Holiday Hours: (Closed 7/2. Will Open on 7/10)

Republic Services will only pick up brush and bulky debris. These items MUST be placed at the  curb of your property (not in the street) during your zone time. (Schedule available here[link] ) Trash bags filled with leaves WILL NOT be picked up by the driver. Trash bags of leaves and small branches need to be placed in your trash cart for disposal. If trash bags are set out on the side or on top of the trash cart, THEY WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.

Bulk items can consist of mattresses, sofas, furniture, and stoves. NO CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL…that includes any type of boards, shingles, carpet, padding, and sheetrock. If any of these items are placed at the curb or on top of your debris nothing will be picked up until the items are removed.

*All brush and bulky items must be on your property near the curb in front of your home and away from power lines, telephone poles, meters, vehicles, fences and from under trees.

Should you have any questions, please call City Hall at 361-368-2831 or Republic Services at 361-698-5000 (1-800-640-2014).

Have questions? Download our Waste Collection FAQ pdf.

Pickup Schedules

You have 6 (six) working days to place brush, junk or debris in the front of property according to each zone. Republic Services will go through ONE TIME ONLY. Any brush left by Republic Resident needs to pick up and move away from street or brought to collection site. if not you will be cited.

2023 Brush, Junk, and Debris Schedule ( Click Here to Download )

Collection Site Hours – (Kline & Borden) – Weekdays @ 8am – 11am – 1pm.
First Saturday of every month the collection site is open from 8 am – Noon
FEES:  $10.00 for Trucks – $15.00 for Trailers

Pickup Procedures

The following procedures are required by Republic Services for brush/Junk pick up:

  • Republic will only collect up to 6 cubic yards of brush per zone, which is the size of a Volkswagen Jetta. Any amount over this will be tagged lnd left behind until the next collection date.
  • All brush (tree trimmings, branches, palms) and bulky items must be placed at curbside in the front of your lot during the scheduled days on your brush schedule.

(No more alley  collections for brush/bulky items, unless your home faces the alley).


  • Any debris placed before or after these dates per schedule will be subject to a fine by the City.
  • Pick up will begin in each zone the day AFTER your 6 day placement and will finish within 4 days of that week depending on the volume placed out by residents.
  • Bulky items such as debris in plastic bags, TVs over, computers, tires, paint, construction material (Any type of boards) and any hazardous household items WILL NOT BE PICKED UP and are the responsibility of the resident to safely discard.
  • IF YOU MISS THE TIME OF YOUR PICK-UP and place the brush/bulky items out the same day, we will not be able to come back once we make a pass through your zone.
  • All brush/bulky items must be on your property near the curb, in front of your home and away from power lines, telephone poles, meters, vehicles, and fences.
  • If there is a vehicle, whether it is yours or a visitor’s near the brush/bulky pile at the time of pick-up, we will not collect it.
  • Trash bags cannot be mixed in with brush piles and must be placed in your cart.
  • If you have brush or bulky items that you need to discard in between your zone time, you can take them to the City’s Collection Center.

Fees are: $ 10.00 for trucks and $15.00 for trailers.

  • If you have recyclables, you can also take them to the same City Collection Center and place them in the recycle container onsite at no charge on the first Saturday of each month.

Thank you for complying with our procedures and helping to keep the City of Odem clean and free of excess debris.